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Yellowstone National Park

It was the nation's first national park over one hundred thirty years ago, starting the trend of protecting the natural and historic treasures of the United States of America that now span the nation from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans, and for many, the eldest and still the best. Dedicated in 1872 by President Ulysses S. Grant, the bounteous beauty of this huge park encompasses a natural landscape that includes so many features, it almost seems superfluous to list them.

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Fort Osage
Spotlight on Lesser Known History
Fort Osage

It would be founded a member of Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1808 on a bluff above the Missouri River, named after him, at first, William Clark, and become what many think as the most important fort in the Indian Factory System and its subsequent decline. Today, you can still see this fort in all its splendor, a National Historic Landmark, in Sibley, Missouri. Clark saw the site's potential during their first journey, and after negotiating the Treaty of Fort Clark, established it as one of three forts to oversee the newly acquired territory of the Louisiana Purchase.

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American Revolution
Save History Sites

Campaign 1776, the preservation arm of the Civil War Trust devoted to saving American Revolution and War of 1812 historic sites and land has announced their second major project on this history front with a campaign to save 10.4 acres at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania, but new projects are popping up all the time. Even at Gettysburg, there's renewed pressure by casinos, housing and Big Box stores proposed for Camp Letterman ground, and more. Check below for the effort to help out.

American Revolution

Preserve Gettysburg

U.S. Timeline

Governors Island
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Governors Island National Monument

Not unknown, as the half million visitors suggest, but almost unknown outside the New York area, at least when compared to its magnificent cousins, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and Castle Clinton. It was an island used to protect the harbor from the British during the American Revolution, but that didn't work, it was an island used to protect Manhattan during the War of 1812 after better forts built, which it did.. So when you step off the ferry (a less expensive one than that to the more famous islands), you'll see Castle Williams and Fort Jay on the National Monument side. And there's more on the one hundred and fifty acres outside the Monument, too, to see and do as well. Oh, and for those coming to visit. It's a summer place, at least for now, open from May through September, so plan accordingly.

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Battle of Brandywine
American Revolution 240th Anniversary

Special events will be held in 2017 to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the various battles of the American Revolution. Check below for the events that are on the calendar or contact your local park to see if there's a special event there. We'll strive to keep you up to date. Throughout 2017, the American Revolution will be celebrated for that two hundred and forty years of United States history from Princeton to Valley Forge, many in state parks. Take the time to visit this history at anniversary events of living history and battle walks at the places where they happened.

American Revolution 240

Historic Site News and Info

Casino Project Halted - 6-14-2017 - The Hanover Evening Sun has reported that the Gettysburg Casino project has been withdrawn from consideration today. The casino project proposed for land in Freedom Township south of Gettysburg was to include a racetrack and casino. Although this halts the current project at the deadline for application, new proposals for expanded gaming in Pennsylvania may bring this or a new project back in the future. Hoorah for now, but stay vigilant. Support keeping Gettysburg free from casino gambling and save it for history.

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Yellowstone NPS 100

Favorite of 2016 NPS 100th Anniversary

Special celebrations were held at various national parks to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, check the link below for a list of some of those held at the legacy parks and more. At Yellowstone, on the anniversary date of August 25, over fifty thousand people watched live as special events at the Gardiner Gateway Arch told part of the story.

NPS 100

Civil War 150

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