Yellowstone Centennial Celebration

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NPS Centennial Events Bring Focus to 100 Years

Throughout 2016, special events have been held to celebrate the one hundred years of outstanding service and sites of the history and lands of the USA. At Yellowstone, on the anniversary date of August 25, over fifty thousand people watched live as special events at the Gardiner Gateway Arch told part of the story. Check here for highlights of the event. Special events are still ongoing through the end of the year.

National Park Service 150th Anniversary

National Park Service 100th Anniversary Events

Now at a park near you, well, to about fifty-three parks across the USA, through the end of 2016, are events to celebrate the Centennial of the NPS. These special celebrations, walks, ranger tours, and talks are ongoing, and we, at America's Best History, will assist in keeping you up to date. Events are also being held at all parks, not just those around for one hundred years.

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USA buys Florida

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July 10, 1821 - Possession of the territory of Florida is taken by the United States after its purchase is completed with Spain. No money exchanged hands between Spain and the U.S. in this purchase; the U.S. had agreed to pay five million dollars to citizens for property damage. Florida, the land of sunshine and Presidential election chaos, a take it for granted state as part of the United States since the beginning of the republic, even though we know that's not true. But how did Florida become part of the United States, and what was the history that got us there? It took a number of interesting turns.

  • The Adams-Onis Treaty, USA Owns Florida

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Charles Pinckney Historic Site

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

He was a signer of the American Constitution, one of the lesser known, but most controversial. In his eyes, he was one of the most influential crafters of the document; others disagreed. Today, the historic site of his Snee Farm north of Charleston, South Carolina is one of those historic sites that most, except the historic hardy, bypass in their journey to Fort Sumter or the many other pleasures of the city. But whether you think of Charles as one of the most influential, or just another important signer of the document that rocked the governmental world just birthed to democracy, the national historic site that bears his name is a worthwhile jaunt off the beaten track of this South Carolina city. Hey, George Washington ate breakfast at the farm in 1791, and it's on the way to Myrtle Beach, too.

  • Charles Pinckney NHS

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Richmond to Appomattox

Favorite of 2015
Civil War 150

When the breastworks of the Petersburg defenses were breached for the final time, it had been four years of long hard war. When the fires burned in Richmond for the days that followed, it signalled that the end of the war was nigh. For the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, the weeks of Petersburg to Richmond to Appomattox lasted barely more than a week, April 1 to April 12, and visitors saw those domino towns fall; Petersburg, Richmond, Sailors Creek, and Appomattox.

To Appomattox

History Notes

American Revolution

American Revolution Site Preservation

Want to read more about what's going on on the American Revolution preservation front, checked out more here.

Campaign 1776, the preservation arm of the Civil War Trust devoted to saving American Revolution and War of 1812 historic sites and land has announced their second major project on this history front with a campaign to save 10.4 acres at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania. This battle, an unappreciated and largest battle of the American Revolution, currently is a Pennsylvania State Park with a hodgepodge of eased and preserved land throughout the large battlefield.

American Revolution Preservation

News About Us

America's Best History and our Ellis Island page has been mentioned in an article and list on immigrant stories. Ellis Island, the processing center for many of our forefathers, contains an amazing history of how our country blossomed during the late 1900s through the mid-20th century.

Land Preservation

Save Historic Sites

Although the economic climate of the last decade has curbed some of the troubles in preserving historic sites and lands with slower development growth, the problem of preservation funding is now in the fore even more with development projects at Gettysburg's Camp Letterman and more. Get involved, contact the various organizations in your local community or an organization like the Civil War Preservation Trust and the National Parks Conservation Organization. Expanded gambling legislation has now passed the PA legislature, allowing two new future opportunities for a Gettysburg gambling proposal to reapply for a license and those windows are approaching. Time to redouble your efforts to stop any future casino effort that might come and promote a ban on any new casinos within 10 miles of a National Military Park, currently being considered at the state level. Contact your federal congressman or Senator and ask them to propose such a ban.

Baseball History

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Want some baseball stat history, then check out the folks at Baseball Evaluation and the Stat Geek Baseball series of books and info. Yes, these are the people who brought you PEVA, the Performance Evaluation Stat that's tied to payroll. And their two books on baseball history; Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, and Field of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work are a treat for all baseball fanatics. Check them out.