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Stop Another Casino from Coming to Gettysburg

4-18-2017 - We told you this was going to come and now it has, although most did not think that a third try would be attempted. A casino and harness racing track is being proposed for a site just three miles south of the battlefield of Gettysburg National Military Park. Sign the petitions at the National Parks Conservation Association and No Casino Gettysburg to stop this afront against our national heritage that will change the character of a visit to Gettysburg forever.

No Casino Gettysburg Petition and NPCA Petition.

American Revolution

American Revolution 240th Anniversary Events

Special events will be held in 2017 to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the various battles of the American Revolution. The plans for these are still ongoing, although some in the winter months and spring are starting to take shape. Check below for the events that are already on the calendar or contact your local park to see if there's a special event there. We'll strive to keep you up to date when announcements come into focus. Throughout 2017, the American Revolution will be celebrated for that two hundred and forty years of United States history from Princeton to Valley Forge, many in state parks. Take the time to visit this history at anniversary events of living history and battle walks at the places where they happened.

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Craters of the Moon National Monument

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Cones and caves might not say it all, but it carries a good bit of weight. And these natural features have been protected since the 1920's with a landscape that reflects its name, long before anyone touched down on the actual moon. The cones here have unique names; Sunset, Grassy, Silent, and Inferno to name a few. The caves don't take a back seat either; Dewdrop, Buffalo, Boy Scout, and Beauty. Nothing like an adventure through nature's carved and flowing landscape and at a fraction of the traffic the better known Yellowstone and Grand Teton will put you through. Craters is a definite must on a western national park vacation that take you near those two. Take a detour to it on the way to or from.

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Landis Valley Village

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

It's our heritage, no matter where in the United States we live. How our forefathers, for the most part, existed. At the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we explore a remarkable village about the Germanic heritage of farming in the United States. With period buildings from a variety of eras and other locations, all kept in pristine condition, this village will take you back in time, not far from all the Amish heritage that still persists today in the fields around Lancaster. Photo above: Period buildings along the edge of the courtyard at the Landis Valley Village.

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National Park Service 100th Annivesary

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NPS 100th Anniversary

Special celebrations were held at various national parks to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service, check the link below for a list of some of those held at the legacy parks and more. At Yellowstone, on the anniversary date of August 25, over fifty thousand people watched live as special events at the Gardiner Gateway Arch told part of the story.

NPS 100

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Civil War 150

History Notes

American Revolution Site Preservation

American Revolution Site Preservation

Want to read more about what's going on on the American Revolution preservation front, checked out more here.

Campaign 1776, the preservation arm of the Civil War Trust devoted to saving American Revolution and War of 1812 historic sites and land has announced their second major project on this history front with a campaign to save 10.4 acres at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania. This battle, an unappreciated and largest battle of the American Revolution, currently is a Pennsylvania State Park with a hodgepodge of eased and preserved land throughout the large battlefield.

Save Historic Sites

Yes, it's happening again. For the third time, a casino is proposed for Gettysburg. We told you this was coming, and unfortunately we were right. Wish we had not been. The history of Gettysburg and the legacy of the area is under siege. The sacrifice of over one hundred and fifty thousand men who fought there, and the over fifty thousand men and women who lost their lives or were wounded in the cause, are about to be marginalized by a casino project proposed for three miles south. This is not the only challenge in the Gettysburg community as the economic climate improves. The remaining ground of Gettysburg's Camp Letterman is under attack. Get involved, contact the various organizations in your local community or an organization like the Civil War Preservation Trust and the National Parks Conservation Organization. Contact your federal congressman or Senator and ask them to propose a ban on casino develpment within ten miles of our national historic treasures.

Baseball History

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Want some baseball stat history, then check out the folks at Baseball Evaluation and the Stat Geek Baseball series of books and info. Yes, these are the people who brought you PEVA, the Performance Evaluation Stat that's tied to payroll. And their two books on baseball history; Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, and Field of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work are a treat for all baseball fanatics. Check them out.

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    America's Best History and our Ellis Island page has been mentioned in an article and list on immigrant stories. Ellis Island, the processing center for many of our forefathers, contains an amazing history of how our country blossomed during the late 1900s through the mid-20th century.