National Park Timeline

National Park Unit Location Established Date
Natchez National Historic Park Mississippi October 7, 1988
Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail Mississippi, Alabama, & Tenn. March 28, 1983
Natchez Trace Parkway Mississippi, Alabama, & Tenn. June 19, 1934
- Authorized Natchez Trace Parkway, 1934, and acquired 1938.  Also authorized as Meriwether Lewis NM, February 6, 1925.  
Also authorized Ackia Battleground NM, Miss., August 27, 1935.
Meriwether Lewis NM and Ackia Battleground NM incorporated in Natchez Trace Parkway, 1961.  Also includes Tupelo and Brices Cross Roads National Battlefields within its jurisdiction.
National Capital Parks Central
National Capital Parks East
District of Columbia and Maryland July 17, 1790
- Originally authorized as part of District of Columbia with the White House, Capital Parks, and National Mall, July 17, 1790.  Authorized and acquired Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Maryland, August 3, 1950, which was incorporated in National Capital Parks, 1975.    Suitland Parkway, Maryland and DC, acquired August 17, 1949, and incorporated in National Capital Parks, 1975.
National Park of American Samoa American Samoa October 31, 1988
Natural Bridges National Monument Utah April 16, 1908
Navajo National Monument Arizona March 20, 1909
New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park Massachusetts November 12, 1996
New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park Louisiana October 31, 1994
New RIver Gorge National RIver West Virginia November 10, 1978
Nez Perce National Historic Park Idaho May 15, 1965
Nicodemus National Historic Site Kansas November 12, 1996
Ninety-Six National Historic Site South Carolina August 19, 1976
Niabrara National Scenic River Nebraska May 24, 1991
Noatak National Preserve Alaska December 1, 1978
Authorized as Noatak National Monument, 1978.
Incorporated in Noatak National Preserve, 1980.
North Cascades National Park Washington October 2, 1968
Obed Wild and Scenic River Tennessee October 12, 1976
Ocmulgee National Monument Georgia June 14, 1934
Olympic National Park Washington March 2, 1909
- Authorized as Mount Olympus National Monument, 1909.
Incorporated in Olympic National Park, June 29, 1938.
Oregon Caves National Monument Oregon July 12, 1909
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Arizona April 13, 1937
Ozark National Scenic Riverways Missouri August 27, 1964
Padre Island National Seashore Texas September 28, 1962
Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site Texas November 10, 1978
Pea Ridge National Military Park Arkansas July 20, 1956
Pecos National Historic Park New Mexico June 28, 1965
- Authorized as Pecos National Monument, 1965.
Redesignated Pecos National Historic Park, June 27, 1990.
Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site District of Columbia June 25, 1987
- Designated 1965
Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Ohio June 2, 1936
- Authorized Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial National Monument, 1936.  Redesignated Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, 1972.
Petersburg National Battlefield Virginia July 3, 1926
- Authorized as Petersburg National Battlefield Site, 1926.  Redesignated Petersburg National Battlefield, 1962.
Petrified Forest National Park Arizona December 8, 1906
- Redesignated from National Monument to National Park, 1962.
Petroglyph National Monument New Mexico June 27, 1990
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan October 15, 1966
Pinnacles National Monument California January 16, 1908
Pipe Spring National Monument Arizona May 31, 1923
Pipestone National Monument Minnesota August 25, 1937
Piscataway Park Maryland October 4, 1961
Point Reyes National Seashore California September 13, 1962
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Maryland, DC, Virginia, & Pennsylvania March 28, 1983
Poverty Point National Monument Louisiana October 31, 1988
Prince William Forest Park Virginia November 14, 1936
- Authorized as Chopawamsic Recreational Demonstration Area, 1936.  Redesignated Prince William Forest Park, 1948.
Pu'unhonua o Honaunau National Historic Park Hawaii July 26, 1955
Authorized as City of Refuge National Historic Park, 1955.  Redesignated Puuhonua o Honaunau NHP, 1978.
Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site Hawaii August 17, 1972
Rainbow Bridge National Monument Utah May 30, 1910
Redwood National Park California October 2, 1968
Richmond National Battlefield Park Virginia March 2, 1936
Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River Texas November 10, 1978
Rock Creek Park District of Columbia September 27, 1890
Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado January 26, 1915
Roger Williams National Memorial Rhode Island October 22, 1965
Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historic Park California October 24, 2000
Ross Lake National Recreation Area Washington October 2, 1968
Russell Cave National Monument Alabama May 11, 1961
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Sagamore Hill to Zion National Park

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National Park History
The history of our National Park system and other federal lands began in 1790 when the District of Columbia was formed.  This included what now is part of our park system; the White House, the National Mall, and the National Capital Parks.  But it was not until Yellowstone was installed as a National Park on March 1, 1872 that you could truly say that the National Park System was founded.  And it was a great founding.  The National Park Timeline here will be organized by current park unit, in alphabetical order, and include the dates of formation, and any other changes that may have occurred.

Other Park Notes:
Other Park Notes:  Papago Saguaro National Monument, Arizona, established January 31, 1914, and abolished in 1930.
Old Kasaan National Monument, Alaska, established October 25, 1916, and abolished in 1955.
National Visitor Center, District of Columbia, established March 12, 1968, and abolished, 1981.
Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma, established October 9, 1997, and deauthorized as a unit January 23, 2004.  Affiliated with the National Park Service and operated by the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation.
Olympic National Park
National Park Timeline
National Park Timeline
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
to Cuyahoga Valley
National Park Timeline
Dayton Aviation
to Gulf Islands National Seashore
National Park Timeline
Hagerman Fossil Beds to Muir Woods
National Park Timeline
Natchez to Russell Cave National Monument
National Park Timeline
Sagamore Hill to Zion National Park
National Park Timeline
Other Important
National Park Service Dates

Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

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U.S. History Timeline
History Timeline Index

* 1770-1779 - The American Revolution
* 1780-1789 - The Nascent Democracy
* 1790-1799 - America Builds


1800-1809 - Exploration
* 1810-1819 - The War of 1812
* 1820-1829 - A Decade of Compromise & Doctrine
* 1830-1839 - Conquering the West
* 1840-1849 - The Mexican War
* 1850-1859 - Expansion & the Looming Divide
* 1860-1869 - The Civil War
* 1870-1879 - The Nation's Centennial Decade
* 1880-1889 - America Invents
* 1890-1899 - The Age of Immigration


1900-1909 - The World Begins to Fly
* 1910-1919 - World War I
* 1920-1929 - Properity and Its Demise
* 1930-1939 - The Great Depression
* 1940-1949 - World War II
* 1950-1959 - Two Cars in Every Garage
* 1960-1969 - Civil Rights and Turmoil
* 1970-1979 - The Nation in Flux
* 1980-1989 - The Reagan Revolution
* 1990-1999 - Prosperity as the World Turns


2000-2009 - The Fight against Terrorism
* 2010-Present - Economic Recovery

1490-1499 - Columbus/Cabot
1500-1599 - Exploration
1600-1699 - Settlement
1700-1769 - American Rights

National Park Timeline
Abraham Lincoln to Cuyahoga Valley
Dayton Aviation to Gulf Islands
Hagerman Fossil Beds to Muir Woods
Natchez to Russell Cave
Sagamore Hill to Zion NP

Other Important National Park Service Dates

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