U.S. History Timeline Index

U.S. History Timeline
History Timeline Index

1490-1499 - Columbus/Cabot
1500-1599 - Exploration
1600-1699 - Settlement
1700-1769 - American Rights


1770-1779 - The American Revolution
1780-1789 - The Nascent Democracy
1790-1799 - America Builds


1800-1809 - Exploration
1810-1819 - The War of 1812
1820-1829 - A Decade of Compromise & Doctrine
1830-1839 - Conquering the West
1840-1849 - The Mexican War
1850-1859 - Expansion & the Looming Divide
1860-1869 - The Civil War
1870-1879 - The Nation's Centennial Decade
1880-1889 - America Invents
1890-1899 - The Age of Immigration


1900-1909 - The World Begins to Fly
1910-1919 - World War I
1920-1929 - Properity and Its Demise
1930-1939 - The Great Depression
1940-1949 - World War II
1950-1959 - Two Cars in Every Garage
1960-1969 - Civil Rights and Turmoil
1970-1979 - The Nation in Flux
1980-1989 - The Reagan Revolution
1990-1999 - Prosperity as the World Turns


2000-2009 - The Fight against Terrorism
2010-Present - Economic Recovery

National Park Timeline
Abraham Lincoln to Cuyahoga Valley
Dayton Aviation to Gulf Islands
Hagerman Fossil Beds to Muir Woods
Natchez to Russell Cave
Sagamore Hill to Zion NP

Civil War 150th Anniversary Events
Wilderness 150th
Spotsylvania 150th
Gettysburg 150th
Dedication Day 150th Anniversary
(Gettysburg Address), November 19, 2013

Other Important National Park Service Dates

Freeborn, Western Novel

Western Fiction with a Twist

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