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United States Best Historic Sites

No matter how great it is to read a book, study a course, check out the U.S. History Timeline here at America's Best History, or watch about something historic on television, it's just not the same as being there. Get out of the house and travel to some of the great vcacation spots in the United States, those that tell the story of our history. And nearby, there'll be plenty of out and out fun, too.

Just remember, if you visit that mouse in Orlando, there's St. Augustine on the way down, Cape Canaveral (and boy there's plenty of fun things to do there anyway) across Rt. 4, and the Everglades down a bit further.

If you can't wait to get into that Philadelphia history, remember Philadelphia is a vibrant town with lots of sports to see, amusement parks in nearby New Jersey, and an aquarium along the riverfront in Camden. If you're traveling to the center part of that Pennsylvania state, you can go right by Hershey park (well, almost) on your way to Gettysburg, or stop by all things Amish near Lancaster. Don't let the kids whither away at the mall. Don't let your parents take you to the same spots or tell you you won't like historic travel vacations, too.

Check out some of the most vibrant and interesting locations in the United States here in the VISIT AMERICA section of americasbesthistory.com, then pick out a couple to visit. And believe us, there's a whole lot more out there then the ones we've highlighted so far. Way over 300 National Parks just to pick out one genre. And yes, we count national parks in the U.S. best history genre. The history of our national lands remains one of the best ways to learn and appreciate what came before us. Now get out that map, or type a location into your GPS, check for some Expedia deals, and Visit America.

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Book Reviews

Great Book for the Context of History

I'd say this would be great for anyone from age 12 and up who needs to know the context of history or the history buff who wants to be reminded where and when things happened. Recommended.

Very Good Compilation

This was a great refresher for someone who was very big into my history lessons. Great for quizzing your kids.

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