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1600 - Spanish Missions

Franciscan order of the Catholic Church begins to create missions in today's Arizona and New Mexico under a charter from the King of Spain. Their mission, to convert the native populations of Hopi, Tiwa, and other tribes, while colonization by Europeans in the Indian territory began again.

    New Book From ABH
    Chronology Book
    Chronology - Now in Paperback, Ebook, and PDF

    New book by the staff at America's Best History has been published. Chronology spans time from Columbus to the present, these articles, with supporting documents and letters written by participants and Congress, cover a variety of topics, including what America was like on the last day prior to European discovery, to the desire of Americans to head west in the first major wagon train to California.

  • Baseball History
  • Our Partners - Want some baseball stat history, then check out Stat Geek Baseball. Yes, this is the firm who brought you PEVA, a Performance Stat that's tied to payroll. And their two books on baseball history; Stat Geek Baseball, the Best Ever Book, and Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work are great for baseball fans.

  • Mesa Verde
  • Staff Notes - New content on the way, including more pop out details in our Timeline section. We also wanted to thank our readers for pushing ABH to new viewer heights. In 2018, we reached more than 1.83 million visitors. Since we started, over 10.8 million people have checked us out. Thanks!!!!