Maceo Crime Family

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On January 16, 1919. the state of Nevada became the 36th state to ratify the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, and prohibition became the law of the land. It would be illegal to consume and sell alcoholic beverages in the USA, but that didn't stop the organized crime families in large or small cities, including the Maceo brothers of Galveston, Texas. First article written by colleague Jason Donovan. Give him some history love.

Oregon Forts

Spotlight on Lesser Known History
Harbor Defenses, Columbia River

Before we get too far afield in thinking that these forts, now state parks, only tell the story of local forts that saw limited action in battles with the local tribes or to safeguard the passage of the river, there is a lot more to the stories than that. Even though that is important and interesting on their own. But what amazes us about these three Oregon forts that protected the Pacific Ocean entrance to the Columbia River and the commerce that would use its waters, is that Fort Stevens, Fort Columbia, and Fort Disappointment (Fort Canby) had their own stories of an international scale.

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Timeline 1500's

Timeline of the Month
The 1500's

The explorers of the European powers spread out from the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts looking for, well, anything to colonize, to find Fountains of Youth, to find a great river, and to begin a tenuous habitation with the cultures that were already there.

Peaks Island, Maine

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Peaks Island, Maine

At one time, this island outside Portland, Maine was predominantly known for its actors and actresses plying the board of the McCullum's Theater, the first summer stock theater in the nation. For eight decades, various different structures housed the plays and musicals of vacation bards up from New York City and other environs to get a little Maine summer fun and ply the sets of the theaters. Today, Peaks Island, is still that summer fun place, but there's no theater per se. It's the warm weather vacation spot of New England guardians of that history, in some ways, after a trip on the ferry to get you there. More often it's families in their new or old townhouses that might not even remember the Victorian era theaters and the first ever spot for summer plays in the United States that would spread across a nation.

Minute Walk in History
Battle of Kernstown

Take a short walk with us and the wonderful friends of Kernstown who run the Kernstown Battlefield Park just south of Winchester, Virginia. The area saw seven battles during the Civil War, including two on this same site. Lots to see at this small park run by a Friends of Kernstown organization with waysides and Visitor Center. Plus you might be able to get a short ride in a golf cart to the top of the hill where some markers stand. Great view of the hill from there.

Cooperstown Trolley

Historic Site of the Month

When the National Baseball Hall of Fame set up shop in the quaint New York hamlet of Cooperstown in 1939, the museum only cemented the town in American historic lore that had begun over one hundred and fifty years earlier, in 1786 with its founding by William Cooper. Born of the pristine Otsego Lake made famous by native son James Fenimore Cooper in his Glimmerglass tales, including his most noted work, "The Last of the Mohicans," Cooperstown encompasses some of the most precious historic tenants of any town in the United States from sports to Native American history.

American Revolution

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On August 26, 1791, the steamboat was patented in the United States by John Fitch. First launched on the Delaware River in 1787, and operated passenger service from Philadelphia to Burlington, New Jersey, which proved unprofitable.

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American Revolution Preservation

Historic Site News and Info

Battlefield Preservation

Even in these difficult times, work continues on preserving the battlefields of the Civil War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The amazing work of the Battlefields Trust is currently attempting to preserve land at Gaines Mill and Cold Harbor, what some think is the most important land to be preserved at those locations. Check them out.

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