Warren Court

New Article - Education History

By 1955, the implementation of Brown vs Board of Education had not yet occurred, so the Supreme Court ordered all public schools be integrated with deliberate speed.

Fort Niagara

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

Yes, we're back with another fort, New York style. The French had been battling the British for supremacy in the fur trade, plus settlement in the northeast, in wars for who would control the area along what is today's Canada border. In 1720, they would build Fort Niagara on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, not knowing when it might see battle, but it would. Thirty-nine years later, the French and Indian War would come to its doorstep, and end with the British in control.

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Timeline 1620's

Timeline of the Month

There was that arrival of the Puritan colony at Plymouth, the purchase of Manhattan by the Dutch, a second colony for New England in the Massachusetts Bay, and the start of major conflicts between the colonists and native Americans.

League of Nations

New Article - International Relations

Yes, even back in 1920, the United States did not like the idea of an international body of nations that could supercede its own decisions. They had already refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles on November 19, 1919, ending World War I, due to the League of Nations being part of it.

American Revolution Preservation

Historic Site News and Info

Battlefield Preservation

Even in these difficult times, work continues on preserving the battlefields of the Civil War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The amazing work of the Battlefields Trust has recently saved land at Sackett's Harbor and is working on many other projects. Check them out.

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Glen Canyon

Historic Site of the Month

You're surrounded here. Surrounded by water everywhere you look. Surrounding by the rims of those canyons that rise above you while you ply Lake Powell or any of its watery arms.

William Burt

Fan Favorite

William Austin Burt, of the United States, invents and patents the typewriter, at the time called the typographer. So, when you hear the name, it may not be household, but that keyboard on your laptop, and that keypad on that iPhone, well, it would not have been possible without his invention.

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American Revolution

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Baseball History

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