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Take the time to read about the hows, whens, and whys of history. There's a ton of surprises just around the bend. Did you know the Fax Machine was actually invented before 1900, but nobody cared to use it, ... kinda just like today. Did you know that at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, the exhibits included the Statue of Liberty's torch and arm, Alexander Graham Bell and the phone, plus Edison and the phonograph.


America's Best History

We'll start out with pre-Revolution history, acknowledging that the 1490's were not the true start, but was, for the most part, the beginning of its recorded history, for both good and bad, then follow the decades to the beginning of the nation through today.

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Second Edition
America's Best History Timeline

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America's Best History Timeline Book

Battle Timelines

Revolutionary War Battles

Revolutionary War Battles 1775
Revolutionary War Battles 1776
Revolutionary War Battles 1777
Revolutionary War Battles 1778
Revolutionary War Battles 1779
Revolutionary War Battles 1780
Revolutionary War Battles 1781
Revolutionary War Battles 1782
Revolutionary War Battles 1783

War of 1812 Battles

War of 1812 Battles 1812
War of 1812 Battles 1813
War of 1812 Battles 1814
War of 1812 Battles 1815

Mexican American War Battles

Mexican War Battles 1846
Mexican War Battles 1847
Mexican War Battles 1848

Civil War Battles

Civil War Battles 1861
Civil War Battles 1862
Civil War Battles 1863
Civil War Battles 1864
Civil War Battles 1865

Spanish American War

Spanish American War 1898

World War I

World War I - 1914-1916
World War I - 1917
World War I - 1918
Treaty of Versailles

World War II

World War II - 1939-1940
World War II - 1941
World War II - 1942
World War II - 1943
World War II - 1944
World War II - 1945

Korean War

Korean War 1950
Korean War 1951
Korean War 1952
Korean War 1953

Minuteman NHP

USA Historic Parks and Sites

Go visit the places where history happened. It's a lot more interesting than you think and includes such a variety of history from politics to how the United States and nature merged to form the union we have today. Our national parks and historic sites tell that story, including the well known parks of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon to lesser known spotlights, our Monthly feature, around every corner of the USA.

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Book Reviews

This was a gift for my husband since he is an avid sports fan. He loves the book and can't put it down. Interesting facts about the beginning of baseball. Will be reading it after he's done with it.


  • The Timeline of America's Best History from has been used by the video department of the Freemasons Association as a reference source in a documentary on the Masons in history.
  • Up to 14,000 people per day use America's Best History and the U.S. Timeline to check on the context of history as well as to read about the best historic sites and national parks in the United States to visit.