Fort Matanzas

Spotlight on Lesser Known History

Today, when you discuss the forts built to protect St. Augustine, most focus on the two wonderful National Monuments at the Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas. And while they certainly have their historic importance, perhaps even more important than those, is the third, Fort Mose, which became the first free black settlement in the United States in 1738.

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Women's History Month

Lewis and Clark meet the Shoshone Indian woman and her husband at their first winter camp on November 4, 1804, hiring them to serve as their guides to the Pacific Ocean and back for two years, until August 1806. She would become the lead guide, as well as provide invaluable assistance in negotiations with native tribes as they traveled through Indian territory.

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Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Historic Site of the Month

This is a unique place of five thousand year habitation history, but what might come second to mind, is that it is a National Park site where none of the land is owned by the Park Service. It's the only park like that. Canyon de Chelly is Navajo land, administered by both the tribal nation and the Park Service in a cooperative venture that dates back to April 1, 1931.

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Timeline 1890's

Timeline of the Month

Immigrants streamed into the halls of Ellis Island in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, they crossed the nation, growing the cities of the east coast, taking part in land rushes, and adding to the experiment that was the United States of America.

Baseball's Best @ 150 Book

Baseball History

It's the unique new book for the baseball fan on Baseball's Best at the 150th anniversary of MLB available in paperback, ebook, and PDF format at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. PDF ON SALE $7.95 to 3/20.

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Oberlin College

New Article - Black History Month

Education. Oberlin College becomes the first college to refuse to bar students according to race or gender. All in Ohio in a town that would become known for the underground railroad and racial equality.

Bank of North America

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It was a period within the American Revolution when the conflict had dipped south and when the currency of the fledgling United States was in a perpetual state of fluctuation. The Continental Congress needed to act. The Bank of North America was founded on May 26, 1781 to stabilize the currency.

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American Revolution

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American Revolution Preservation

Historic Site News and Info

Battlefield Preservation

Even in these difficult times, work continues on preserving the battlefields of the Civil War, American Revolution, and the War of 1812. The amazing work of the Battlefields Trust has recently saved land at Sackett's Harbor and is working on many other projects. Check them out.

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