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On this page we're going to Spotlight the lesser known historic sites and attractions that dot the history landscape across the USA and are worth a visit if you're in their area. And while they may be lesser known, some are very unique, and will be that rare find. You'll be, at times, on the ground floor, or maybe even know something others don't. It'll be fun. Visit them.

Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado, California

It's majestic and iconic, perched on the rise above the seaside leading to the Pacific Ocean on an island outside San Diego called Coronado itself. It's mission, to beckon travelers to its rooms for one hundred and thirty years. The atmosphere is laid back Southern California charm laced with Victorian airs, if that makes any sense from a stylistic standpoint. Whether you agree with that comparison or not, you're certainly going to agree with the historic charm and hostelry history which the Hotel del Coronado exudes. So if you're in San Diego on a history trip, think Cabrillo National Monument or Balboa Park, to visit the great San Diego zoo, or just wander around the wonders of Southern California nature, take the opportunity to stay at the Hotel del Coronado if your budget allows it, or just walk through its lobby and grounds for an hour. Well worth any verson of that trip. Photo above: Hotel del Coronado, 1971, Historic American Buildings Survey. Courtesy Library of Congress.

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Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

Yes, the Hotel del Coronado is a wooden Victorian beach resort, the second biggest wooden structure in the United States (Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon is the largest), and has been a National Historic Register building since 1977. Constructed in 1888 as the largest hotel in the world, Hotel del Coronado has survived when others of its brethren have not. The Hotel Redondo was another San Diego beach resort built two years later, but it closed in 1925. Today, the Hotel del Coronado is still one of the preeminent beach resorts of its kind.

When the resort opened in February 1888, there were three hundred and eighty-eight rooms. It has grown to seven hundred and fifty-seven today and is run by the Hilton Hotel group as of 2018.

Photo above: Historic photo of the Hotel del Coronado, 1900, William Henry Jackson, Detroit Publishing Company. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Where Is It

Hotel del Coronado is located at 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118. It's located across San Diego Bay from downtown over the Coronado Bridge on Route 75, a fifteen minute drive from the airport, and close to both Cabrillo National Monument and Balboa Park. In summer, there's a free Summer Shuttle Bus that takes you to various points around Coronado Island. The bus may be a better way to be transported there if you're not a guest or having dinner at the hotel. Ask the shuttle how or if that works well for you. Parking at the Hotel can be pricey.

What is There Now

Hotel del Coronado was the first ocean resort on the Pacific Coast in 1888, and today, remains much the same, perched beside a Pacific Ocean beach that will take your breath away. There's twenty-eight acres to explore. The Hotel del Coronado has 757 rooms.

When is the Hotel Open and How Much to Visit/Stay

Hotel del Coronado is open year round. It's expensive to stay there, from $300 up per night. Dogs and cats are welcome here, although there is an extra charge for them that's not cheap as well. There is also a dog beach about one mile away for their beach pleasure. If you can't stay, you can dine there. Seven restaurants plus other bars for your dining pleasure; 1500 Ocean, Sheerwater, Crown Room Brunch, Eno Pizza, Sun Deck, Babcock and Story Bar, Sunset Bar, and more. Variety of prices.

Parking for overnight guests is pricey as well. Between $39 and $49, depending on whether you want to park yourself. Parking for dining guests is cheaper, $5 for self park as long as you spend a minimum amount. Okay, yes, it's historic, but also posh.

Hotel del Coronado

History Nearby

Visiting or staying a night at the Hotel del Coronado means you're likely going to other San Diego and Southern California spots of interest. That'll certainly take you to the San Diego Zoo, perhaps a baseball game at Petco Park, or perhaps to some of the National Parks in the area. For some, they'll wander into Mexico. Remember to have your passport ready for that.

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