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On this page we're going to Spotlight the lesser known historic sites and attractions that dot the history landscape across the USA and are worth a visit if you're in their area. And while they may be lesser known, some are very unique, and will be that rare find. You'll be, at times, on the ground floor, or maybe even know something others don't. It'll be fun. Visit them.

Museum of Indian Culture

Museum of Indian Culture and Lil Le Hi Trout Nursery, Pennsylvania

Somewhere along the way these two things shouldn't sit next to each other, but ... maybe in retrospect they should. The Museum of Indian Culture sits along Fish Hatchery Road and tells the tale, one a bit lost in the southeast part of Pennsylvania, about the Lenapi Indian tribe, their culture, and presence in the area through most of North American history prior to European settlement, through the times of the Trail of Tears and their forced push out west, to today. And it is a heritage that's not only fascinating, but important. And because that heritage has as much to do with the land as it does, in some ways, to the people that inhabit it for a period of time, I guess a fish hatchery next door along the Little Lehigh River does make sense. Photo above: Museum of Indian Culture.

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Interior of the Museum of Indian Culture

Museum of Indian Culture, Pennsylvania

The museum is a small, intimate, and marvelous look at the artifacts and culture surrounding the tribe that spent winters in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area. They would often summer in Canada. You can take a tour of the museum with a well informed guide or look around for yourself. And if you do take the full tour, make sure you ask them to give you a "throw the arrow" demonstration out back. Yes, I said throw. With a device, the tribe members, who would learn the task from the age of seven to fourteen, could take down game at two hundred yards. They might even let you throw one.

And for a goof, ask about why the Lenni Lenape would say their name twice, just to get the goat of the Europeans. And don't call an Indian woman squaw, ... they'll know why.

The tour will take you an hour or more, depending on how much detail you'd like to take in, and the area outside of the museum is full of paths along the Little Lehigh River that you can walk, ... perhaps all the way over to that fish hatchery next door.

Photo above: Interior of the Museum of Indian Culture. Photo Below: Trout in the waters of the Lil Le Hi Trout Nursery.

Trout at Lil Le Hi Trout Nursery

Where Is It

If you're traveling east or west on Route 78/Route 309 or Route 22 in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area, take the Cedar Crest Boulevard exit just west of the downtown Allentown exits. Fish Hatchery Road is located just south of the Route 309 interchange. Take a left on Fish Hatchery Road when you get there.

What is There Now

Museum of Indian Culture
Museum with artifacts, exhibits, dioramas, and a guided tour.
Riding ring.
Sweat lodge enclosure.
Picnic Tables.
Reading and study room with many books on Indian culture.

How Much to Visit
Guided Tour
Adults - $5
Seniors/Children (12+) - $4
Under 12 - Free

Hours Open
Museum is open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Fridays thru Sundays. In the summer, there are also Thursday hours.

Museum of Indian Culture

Trexler Game Preserve

History Nearby

Close by are interesting sites such as the America on Wheels Museum, Lehigh County Museum, Trexler Game Preserve and Lehigh Valley Zoo, the Lock Ridge Furnace Museum, and the various sites of the former Bethlehem Steel site, which includes the National Museum of Industrial History, a Smithsonian Institution affiliated museum, and a tressel history walkway, plus the Bethlehem Sands Casino. Photo above. Trexter Nature Preserve.

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