United States World's Fairs

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New York World's Fair 1853-4
New York 1853-4

Philadelphia Centennial 1876
Philadelphia 1876

Louisville Southern Exposition 1883
Louisville 1883

New Orleans Cotton Centennial 1884-5
New Orleans 1884-5

Cincinnati Centennial Exposition of the Ohio Valley and Central States 1888
Cincinnati 1888

Chicago World's Columbian Exposition 1893
Chicago 1893

San Francisco Midwinter Exposition 1894
San Francisco 1894

Atlanta Cotton States Expo 1895
Atlanta 1895

Nashville Tennessee Centennial and International Exhibition 1897
Nashville 1897

Omaha World's Fair 1898
Omaha 1898

International Expos

For more World's Fairs and International Expos, both prior to the establishment of the Bureau of International Expositions in 1928 and beyond, check out the World's Fair History Quick List, including the fairs outside the United States which the United States participated in, and a few that they did not.

London 1851 - 1st Fair

Quick List of All Expos

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