Best Midwest USA
National Parks and Heritage Sites to Visit

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Featured Sites

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

It's funny, but the man who many perceive as the greatest conservationist in National Park history, Theodore Roosevelt, has his namesake national park take a backseat to many of the magnificent lands that dot the western landscape in the states that surround. Perhaps it's becuase it's in North Dakota and not on a highly traveled interstate route, or that it just gets overshadowed by geisers, tetons, glaciers, and others with more well-known names.


his may not be where Lincoln began, but it surely is where he honed his craft, practiced his trade, built his political legacy, and lived. It's where Lincoln became Lincoln prior to the White House and the presidency. It's where he raised his children, practiced law, and walked the streets. A visit to Springfield, Illinois tells the story of Abraham Lincoln with two main attractions, and a number of smaller ones, too.

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