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Congress adds to our National Parks

December 2014 - Congress adds nearly 1 million acres & new national parks, including lands to Wilderness areas such as Bob Marshall & scenic rivers. The new national parks range from those on the topic of the Manhattan Project, Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, Valle Grande, and Tule Springs near Las Vegas with dinosaur bones and other cool stuff.

CW Trust Enters Revolutionary War Preservation Battle
November 2014 - With over 40,000 acres of Civil War land preserved over the last decade, the Civil War Trust has now engaged in a battle to save land from not only that war, but the Revolutionary War, and War of 1812, as well. Beginning with a 4.5 acre parcel in Princeton, New Jersey that was instrumental in George Washington's Battle of Princeton against the British, the Trust will partner with various government and private citizens to raise the funds necessary to add that land to the battlefield. Find out more about this new effort at Campaign 1776.

Brandy Station Preservation
October 2014 - Restoration work begins on Fleetwood Hill at Brandy Station, VA battlefield. Brandy Station was the largest cavalry action of the Civil War and signalled the switch in dominance from the cavalry of the South to the North. Prior to Brandy Station, the Confederate cavalry had won most actions. Interpretation of the area will be forthcoming. For More Info.

Fort McHenry 200th Anniversary
September 2014 - The 200th Anniversary of the bombing of Fort McHenry in Baltimore and writing of the Star-Spangled banner by Francis Scott Key from a harbor ship on the morning of the 14th occured this month with tall ships sailing up and down the river, the celebratory unveiling of the U.S. flag (replica) by visitors, and special tours of the fort from September 9 through 16.

Growth of National Park Service
August 2014 - The National Park Service celebrated its 98th anniversary on August 25 and looks forward to the 100th celebration in 2016, now with 401 park service units. When it began, there were 14 National Parks and 21 National Monuments. National Parks are approved by Congress while National Monuments, through the Antiquities Act, can be designated by the President. Recent additions to National Monument status include the California Coastal National Monument and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

250th Anniversary
July 2014 - FDR Park, in South Philadelphia near the stadium complex, once hosted the 1926 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the USA. That same site is being considered to host the 250th anniversary of the nation. The main building still remaining on the site from the 1926 event is the Swedish American Museum.

Civil War Ship Planter Found
June 2014 - USS Planter, former Confederate, then Union ship likely found off the South Carolina shoreline of Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The ship ran aground in 1876. The Planter was commandeered in May 1862 by slave Robert Smalls, who piloted it from Charleston and gave the ship to the Union, taking 17 slaves to freedom.

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More Preservation News
May 2014 - Civil War Trust saving 429 acres at Port Republic, part of the 1862 Shenandoah Valley Campaign, doubling the preserved land there. The Battle of Port Republic was fought on June 9, 1862 as part of Stonewall Jackson's campaign and was the most costly and important battles of the campaign. Port Republic is located south of Harrisonburg, Virginia. More Info.

New Campaign to Save Four Battlefields
April 2014 - New preservation campaign to save four battlefields, 306 acres, extends from Virginia to Louisiana. These sites at Mansfield, Bentonville, Petersburg, and Appomattox all tell the story about the war as it leaped into its fourth and fifth years of 1864 and 1865, moving slowly toward a culmination and the surrender of Lee's army. Visit the Civil War Trust campaign for those sites to learn more.

Antiquities Act and Congress
March 2014 - On March 26, 2014, the House of Representatives in the United States Congress passed HR 1459, which would weaken the ability of the president to use the Antiquities Act to develop our National Parks in the future. This act threatens the establishment of new parks dedicated to preserving the nature and history of the nation, particularly national monuments that tell specific stories, such as the new parks on Harriet Tubman, the Buffalo Soldiers, and the state of Delaware. If you don't want this act to pass any further down the Congressional line, contact you Senator and Congressman and tell them to keep the Antiquities Act intact. The act was first established in 1906 and was the original proclamation that claimed the Grand Canyon as protected land.

Lewis and Clark History
February 2014 - Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge contains a new plankhouse on the site of Cathlapotle, a Chinnokan town visited by Lewis and Clark on their expedition west to the Pacific Ocean. http://plankhouse.org.

Pullman NHS>
January 2014 - It would be the first national park in Chicago if the efforts there come to fruition, but the historic sites of the Pullman factory town and factory itself are already historic in their ties to industrialization and labor unions. Studies have been done to turn it into a National Historic Site and tell the stories of the men and women of Pullman with even greater emphasis. Find out more.

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