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Take a First Day Hike
Nolde Forest

12-27-2016 - On New Year's Day, shake off the holidays with an activity that combines exercise, outdoors, and history at some of the nation's best state parks. First Day Hikes are available in every state, with thousands of people engaged in the nature of our public lands of the state variety, with some hikes even ending up in national parks nearby. So head out to the state park near you and hike on Day 1 of 2017. For a list of the hikes available, check out America's State Parks - First Day Hikes.

New Traffic Pattern at Valley Forge
Valley Forge

If you're heading over to Valley Forge for the first or one of many times, be aware that a new traffic pattern has emerged around the Visitor Center area. There's two way traffic to the main parking lot and the loop road behind the Visitor Center to gain access to the Encampment Tour has been removed; you now use the same road you came in on. Not sure why this was done, seems a bit awkward and perhaps unnecessary, but be aware of this new traffic pattern when you come. It is still possible to gain access into the upper lot, but this is now done on the way to the tour, not the main parking lot.

NPS Centennial Events Bring Focus to 100 Years

Yellowstone Centennial

Throughout 2016, special events have been held to celebrate the one hundred years of outstanding service and sites of the history and lands of the USA. At Yellowstone, on the anniversary date of August 25, over fifty thousand people watched live as special events at the Gardiner Gateway Arch told part of the story. Check here for highlights of the event. Special events are still ongoing through the end of the year.



Social Media Brings New Audience to Battle Walks

Gettysburg Battle Walks

Astounding success brings history to the social media age. Facebook live stream of the 2016 Gettysburg Battle Walk of Pickett's Charge drew over 450,000 viewers on July 3. First time Facebook and Periscope live streams by the Gettysburg National Military Park during this year's anniversary programs explodes presence of Civil War history to viewers.

Development Pressure Comes Back to Gettysburg

Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation

The remaining one hundred acres of ground where Camp Letterman, the large tent hospital complex after the battle of Gettysburg is now under threat of Big Box store development. Located on Route 30 just before the town of Gettysburg, this land provided access to Culp's Hill during July 1 and is directly next to the restored Daniel Lady farm, a Confederate hospital site. Help Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association stop this development on hallowed ground.

Battle of Brandywine Preservation

Campaign 1776, the preservation arm of the Civil War Trust devoted to saving American Revolution and War of 1812 historic sites and land has announced their second major project on this history front with a campaign to save 10.4 acres at the Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania. This battle, an unappreciated and largest battle of the American Revolution, currently is a Pennsylvania State Park with a hodgepodge of eased and preserved land throughout the large battlefield.

Civil War Preservation Success 2015

Civil War Trust saves over 1,500 acres of Civil War grounds in 2015, including Lee's Headquarters in Gettysburg, the forty-four acres of the center of the battlefield at Antietam, plus ground at Gaines Mill, Chickamauga, Shiloh, and many others. $52.5 million was raised during the Civil War 150th Anniversary campaign overall, surpassing the goal of $40 million, and presenting the opportunity of the trust to preserve over 10,000 acres of land. Thanks to all who contributed.

Battle of Cedar Creek

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