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Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Photo above: Casa Grande Ruins, courtesy Library of Congress. Casa Grande Ruins is one of the original thirty-three parks within the National Park Service on its date of August 25, 1916. Right: Just one spectacular scene from Yellowstone National Park, the oldest National Park.


National Park Service 100th Anniversary

  • Casa Grande Ruins 100th Events

    Casa Grande Ruins National Monument will be finalizing their 2016 events soon. For now, there are a number of 2016 events on the calendar that are considered part of the National Park Service's 100th Anniversary celebrations. Stop back for more info on time and place when they become available.

    2016 Events

    2016 Arizona Archaeology Expo

    Date/Time: March 5, Time 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
    Location: Casa Grande Ruins.
    Event: The 2016 Arizona State Archaeology Expo will be hosted at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Shuttle buses will take park visitors from temporary parking at the Safeway or Walmart parking lots to the park and around Coolidge. Inside the park the usual parking area will be filled with hands on archeology booths for visitors to participate in learning about "History Matters: The Past Begins Today!" The usual park fees will be waived-- so there is no cost! Shuttle routes will also take visitors to the Artisan Village where hands on art and jewelry programs/sales will occur, a carnival for Coolidge Days, and food/entertainment areas.

    American Indian ArtsFest

    Date/Time: November 19.
    Location: Casa Grande Ruins.
    Event: This festive event celebrates the connection and continuity of prehistoric and current American Indian cultures through music and other arts. Visitors can experience a blend of prehistoric and modern Native American instrumentation, music and dance; they can also observe American Indian crafters and artisans engaged in the production of traditional and contemporary cultural items (available for purchase). Authentic American Indian foods provide a tasty accompaniment to the rhythms of the past and the present.

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