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El Morro National Monument

Photo above: El Morro National Monument. One of the original thirty-three national parks in the National Park Service on its date of August 25, 1916. Right: Just one spectacular scene from Yellowstone National Park, the oldest National Park.


National Park Service 100th Anniversary

  • El Morro 100th Events

    El Morro National Monument will be updating their 2016 events throughout the year. Stop back for more information when it becomes available. For now, they have one 2016 event on the calendar that they consider part of the National Park Service's 100th Anniversary celebrations. Stop back for more info on time and place when they become available.

    Centennial Event - Camel Corps

    Date/Time: September 10, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Location: El Morro Visitor Center.
    Event: Corps that traversed the Southwest, stopping at El Morro. Visit with real live camels that tell the story of the Camel Corps, as well as ranger programs, will be presented. This is El Morro's 2016 Centennial Event!

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