Hudson Bay Company

Picture above: Drawing of a canoe voyage of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1825, Peter Rindisbacher. Courtesy Library and Archives Canada via Wikipedia Commons. Right: Drawing of New Amsterdam, 1664, Johannes Vingboons. Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

New Amsterdam

Pre-Revolution Timeline - The 1600s


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  • Timeline

  • 1660-1669

    September 13, 1660 - The second piece of legislation in the series of Navigation acts is passed by British Parliament to continue to control colonial commerce in the New World.

    April 23, 1662 - Colonies of Connecticut and New Haven unite under new Royal charter granted by King Charles II to John Winthrop, the Younger, Governor of the Connecticut Colony.
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  • March 24, 1663 - Eight English nobleman given charter to establish the Colony of Carolina by Charles II after their assistance in restoring him to the throne three years earlier.

    1663 - Puritan missionary John Eliot publishes the Eliot Indian Bible, the first complete bible published in British North America.

    September 8, 1664 - Three hundred British troops seize New Netherlands from the Dutch in a peaceful takeover. The Duke of York, brother to Charles II, is granted the Dutch province and city of New Amsterdam, renaming them New York.
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  • Winter 1665-1666 - First census in North America completed in New France by Jean Talon on mission from King Louis XIV to measure progress of the colony.

    July 31, 1667 - Treaty of Breda ends the Second Anglo-Dutch War, with colonial boundaries set between Acadia, recognized as part of New France, the British colonies of New England, and the Dutch colonies around the world.
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  • September 6, 1667 - A large hurricane ravages southeast Virginia, with twelve days of rain, causing damage to plantation homes and crops.

    March 9, 1669 - Johann Lederer leads expedition from the York River into the Appalachian Mountains at the behest of Colonial Governor Sir William Berkeley, who believed a passage to the west and Indian Ocean only a few weeks away. Lederer becomes the first European to crest Blue Ridge Mountains and see the Shenandoah Valley.
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  • July 6, 1669 - Cavelier de La Salle heads an expedition into the Great Lakes to find a river flowing west across North America.
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  • 1670-1679

    May 2, 1670 - Hudson's Bay Company founded as English firm to combat New France in Canadian fur trade. Company would eventually flourish as dominant commercial enterprise from the colonies of the East Coast of America to the Pacific Northwest territories of Washington and Oregon, as well as British Columbia.
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  • September 1, 1671 - Abraham Woods sends the Batts-Fallam expedition to the southern Appalachian Mountains and the area of the New River in today's West Virginia.

    May 17, 1673 - Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet explore midwest states along the Mississippi River from Wisconsin to the Arkansas River.
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  • August 9, 1673 - Dutch forces recapture the colony of New York (New Amsterdam) from the British, but would only be able to hold power in the area for one year.
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  • February 19, 1674 - Treaty of Westminster ends the Third Anglo-Dutch War between England and the Netherlands, and officially cedes New Amsterdam, New York, to England.
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  • June 20, 1675 - Beginning of King Philip's War in New England with Metacom Indian forces attacking colonial settlements due to encroachment on the land. Considered the costliest war for European Settlements in relation to population with Indian success during first year halted later when their alliances fell apart. Twelve towns destroyed.
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  • August 12, 1676 - The Indian War, King Philip's War, between the Confederation of New England tribes and the colonists in New England ends.
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  • September 19, 1676 - Bacon's Rebellion causes the burning of Jamestown. Nathanial Bacon leads the rebellion of planters against Governor Berkeley. Bacon would perish and twenty-three others were executed.

    May 28, 1677 - Treaty of Middle Plantation signed between Virginia and the Native American tribes of the Nottoway, Appomattoc, Wayonaoake, Nansemond, Nanzatico, Monacan, Saponi, and Meherrin.

    December 3, 1677 - North Carolina colonists engage in Culpeper's Rebellion against unfair custom duties charged due to the series of Navigation Acts passed by the English Parliament.

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