Santa Fe

Picture above: Photo of San Miguel Church, the oldest church in America, circa 1829-1865, Riddle. Courtesy Library of Congress. Right: Painting of Frontenac and Sir William Phips at surrender of Quebec in 1690 during King William's War, circa 1915, Charles William Jefferys. Courtesy Library and Archives Canada via Wikipedica Commons.

King William's War

Pre-Revolution Timeline - The 1600s


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  • Timeline

  • 1680-1689

    August 10-21, 1680 - Pueblo Rebellion of indigenous Pueblo people against Spanish colony of Santa Fe kills four hundred and forces remaining two thousand from their land. It would take twelve years before the Spanish attempted to recolonize.
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  • April 9, 1682 - France claims the lower Mississippi River valley, Louisiana, when Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle explores the region.

    September 15, 1682 - Halley's Comet observed by Edmond Halley, with accurate prediction of its return in 1758.
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  • June 23, 1683 - The colony of Pennsylvania is established when William Penn signs a treaty with the Delaware Indians and pays for Pennsylvania lands.
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  • November 1, 1683 - English colony of New York subdivided into twelve counties.
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  • July 24, 1684 - Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle, returns to the Americas on an expedition to establish a colony on the Gulf of Mexico, and urges additional outposts be built in Illinois and Texas to spread French influence in the central territory of North America.

    May 14, 1686 - New charter for Dominion of New England arrives, granting Joseph Dudley control of English colonial territory from Maine to New Jersey after some of the original colonial charters were, or would be, revoked.
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  • March 19, 1687 - Mutiny causes the death of Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle.

    April 1688 - King William's War, also known as the Second Indian War, begins, the first in a series of colonial wars between New France and the British colonies. It would last for nine years.
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  • April 18, 1689 - Boston revolt against Dominion of New England governor Sir William Andros ends in his removal.


    February 3, 1690 - First paper money issued in North America by the Massachusetts Bay Colony, bills of credit to pay for their military expeditions in King William's War.

    September 25, 1690 - The first newspaper issue in the United States publishes in Boston, the Public Occurrences. It was suppressed after its initial issue and the publication of a regular newspaper would not begin again until 1704.
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  • October 17, 1691 - The Plymouth colony joins the Massachusetts Bay Colony under a proclamation from King William III and Queen Mary II, losing its independence.
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  • February 1692 - May 1693 - The Salem witch hunts, spurred by preaching, results in the arrest of one hundred and fifty people and the death of nineteen. These trials were held in Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex counties.

    February 8, 1693 - The College of William and Mary is granted a Royal Charter for a university at Middle Plantation, in today's Williamsburg, Virginia, the second oldest college in the American colonies.
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  • December 11, 1695 - Colonial Governor of New York, Richard Coote, and British King William III send Captain William Kidd on a mission to combat piracy, but by the end of his journey, Kidd becomes a pirate of the high seas. He would be hanged in 1701.
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  • February 8, 1697 - William Penn, leader of the Pennsylvania colony, creates a plan for intercolonial cooperation, first colonial idea for combining colonies into one nation, that would influence the drafting of the Constitution.
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  • October 24, 1698 - French soldier Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville leads expedition to Gulf of Mexico to defend border of New France and establish the three capitals of Biloxi, Mobile, and New Orleans with additional New France settlements established in Mississippi and Louisiana.

    April 1699 - Jamestown is abandoned after the statehouse is burned in 1698 with the colonial government moving to Middle Plantation, renamed soon after as Williamsburg.
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